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23 August 2018 6pm

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CEO – Grocerease

The hassle of grocery shopping has finally met its match, with the introduction of Grocerease. They connect you with your favourite grocery retailers to bring you exactly what you want, when you want it. Grocerease aims to disrupt the traditional workings of the grocery retail sector to fulfil the much-needed service of on-demand grocery delivery.
With a team of engineers turned retail consultants and now, delivery boys behind the scenes, there’s no stopping Grocerease!

Ross Mains-Sheard

CEO – Versofy is a digital marketplace for professional services. From DJs to trainers, bakers to painters, finding trusted, reliable professionals has never been easier. Compare their profiles, ratings and reviews, and pick the pro that’s right for you.

Need It? Versofy It!

Musa Kalenga

CEO – Bridge Labs

Musa Kalenga is an author, marketer and entrepreneur. He is a lauded speaker and strategist who was recognized as one of the Top 200 young South Africans by the Mail & Guardian. Kalenga is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is passionate about using technology to empower the digitally invisible. 

As CEO and Founder of Bridge Labs, Musa addresses the problem of gaining access to appropriate online tools for entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Businesses by building technology to support growth in emerging markets.As a respected thought leader in the marketing industry, he is the Chief Future Officer at the House of Brave Group and he advises on future fit business strategy for organizations in a new digital world.

MC - Ryan Hogarth

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