PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative Awards | 04-10-18

The PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative is an annual awards event, hosted by Worx Group, and showcasing showcasing the work of exceptional architecture and design students for all in attendance.

The students presented their design interpretations of a semi-fictional brief, and were available to answer the questions of attendees as they moved from stand to stand.

Attendees were free to roam and mingle where they pleased with a standing cocktail table setup, and large screens to showcase the students work, all the while enjoying canapes and drinks. At the end of the evening, Navan Padayachee, from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal was awarded 1st place.

Nescafé International Coffee Day | 29-09-18

Kool Out chose to host Nescafé ‘s celebration of International Coffee Day at the Birdhouse this year, using their coffee as the catalyst for a congruence of artists, DJs, creatives and everyday people. The party featured a line-up of killer DJs and went late into the night. Attendees were sure to remember this as one of the best parties they’ve ever attended.

Belvedere X Laolu Limited Edition Launch | 05-10-18

Contact Media Communications hosted the much anticipated collaboration between famed Nigerian artist Laolu Senbanjo and Belvedere Vodka. Belvedere harnessed Laolu’s signature style to create a stunning limited edition bottle, and hosted the South African launch of this bottle at the Birdhouse. With the evocative art on display, attendees revelled in the Belvedere brand, even enjoying the privilege of having their faces painted by the artist himself.

Educating Africa | 14-08-18

Together with the Thabo Mbeki Foundation, Heavy Chef hosted an incredibly inspiring event delving into the influence of the fourth industrial revolution on South African education and painted an impression of what our future might look like. Featuring S’onqoba Maseka, Sam Paddock and former South African President Thabo Mbeki, the evening was filled with stimulating conversations between audience and speaker.

The Late Night Arcade | 06-10-18

The Late Night Arcade is a home for the night owls of Johannesburg who enjoy late nights competing against friends or enjoying a film with a view. In partnership with New Reality, BS Events, and The Bioscope Independent Cinema, the Late Night Arcade was the first of a monthly event, featuring virtual reality, Playstation consoles, arcade machines, ping-pong, foosball, air hockey, an outdoor cinema, and a sneak preview of the much anticipated Boet Fighter!


The Birdhouse was proud to host Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s annual general meeting in August 2018. This meeting launched a new chapter in EO, where the new vision and direction of the organisation was presented to its members. Low-key ambient lighting illuminated standing tablets for a relaxed cocktail party with sumptuous catering. This event gave the Birdhouse a tastefully modest flair and set the bar for standout corporate cocktail parties.

Content Creators workshop

The content creators workshop was created out of us identifying a need for a certain skill set in south africa, where we  have an incredible amount of talent but who lack the resources or expertise to create high quality content. Our intent was to showcase the talent and culture of our country and to gather these individuals in a space where they could share, learn and grow as creators.

We partnered with MSI, Cannon and Plantronics to create and educational space where we could help grow the online content creation industry in South Africa – imparting valuable knowledge and expertise to passionate and driven individuals.


Participants entered online with submissions of mock up videos that we then selected 10 winners from – granting them a free workshop where they would have access to relevant resources and training.


We took 10 participants and provided them with all the equipment and training they would need to successfully produce 2 technology focused review videos on products provided by the sponsored brands.


The workshop ran over 2 days and consisted of classroom education, brainstorming and guidance sessions as well as focused hands on technical training with professionals. We provided foundational knowledge of the entire production process – from researching and scripting, all the way to shooting and editing. There were also hands on editing seminars where we educated participants on professional editing techniques.


It was a brilliant success – everyone learned an incredible amount and walked away with valuable experience. This is the sort of thing we wanted to see more of in this country – collaboration and investment in our own people so we can grow our presence online, so our goal is to bring this experience to as many people as we can.